Feb. 13th, 2010

theodosia21: lantern under snow (lantern under snow)
I've been watching the opening of the Winter Olympics. I hadn't even remembered it was starting today, but my brother texted me about it and told me I should watch. It was massively impressive, which I suppose could have been expected. It was the first Olympic opening ceremony I've watched, though I've seen bits of previous Olympics. I like to watch the women's gymnastics in the Summer Olympics. ^_^ I'm not sure what I'll watch from the winter sports, but I'm sure I'll end up watching something.

Anyway, the yay!Canada part of the entertainment was done awesomely, and Leonard Cohen performed "Hallelujah", which was brilliant. It was a pity that one of the four pillars failed to rise when they did the lighting ceremony, but it was still very impressive-looking. All in all a very enjoyable evening.

ETA: Ahem. Apparently it wasn't Leonard Cohen singing. It was still awesome, though!